False beliefs, not epilepsy, do harm

What is Epilepsy

The place to be intervened in epilepsy seizure must be a hospital. Forcing the patient, trying to open his chin, holding him hard; Various fractures can cause dislocations Jaw forced open work their teeth are broken, causing each March 26, the world ‘Purple Day’, meaning ‘Epilepsy Awareness Day’ is being considered. Stating that epilepsy patients face many obstacles in life due to misinformation, … Read more


6 different benefits of coffee

Coffee, one of the most preferred beverages in the world, has many benefits. Thanks to its high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, coffee is very healthy food. Coffee, which we are always warned by experts about the harms of consuming too much, breaks down this generalization with new researches. It was determined that coffee consumed in … Read more

Research: two fruits and three vegetables a day prolong the life

Research: two fruits and three vegetables a day prolong life

Best vegetables and fruits for human health. According to the research conducted within the scope of the National Healthy Nutrition Program of the French public institution, it was announced that eating two portions of fruit and three portions of vegetables a day prolongs life. Working as an epidemiologist and nutritionist at Harvard Medical School run by … Read more

Experts warn: Coronavirus increases frustration

Experts warn: Corona virus increases frustration

Coronavirus increases frustration. Measures to combat the Covid-19 outbreak are taken to protect people. However, psychiatrists and psychologists argue that the risks that restrictions pose to society and mental health should not be ignored. The air temperature, which suddenly increased after weeks of standing snow in Berlin, led to the influx of streets and parks, … Read more

If the K vitamin is deficient, covid-19 is fatal! Absolutely consume these foods…

If K vitamin is deficient, covid-19 is fatal! Absolutely consume these foods...

The vital importance of vitamin K has emerged as a result of the study on coronavirus. Since the coronavirus started to take effect all over the world, scientists have drawn attention to the importance of healthy nutrition and hygiene. In order to have stronger immunity against Covid-19, the vitamins we take into our body are of great importance. In recent studies, Dutch and … Read more