What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? (All About It)

what does a yellow heart mean on snapchat

We explain what does a yellow heart mean on Snapchat. A yellow heart on Snapchat is a sign that the person who sent it to you is your “BF” (boyfriend/girlfriend). It’s the equivalent of a red heart on Instagram, which means that someone is your “bf/gf.”

How to View blocked messages on iPhone?

how to view blocked messages on iphone

If you’ve ever tried to view a blocked message on your iPhone, you know that it’s not exactly easy to do. In this post, we’ll show you how to view blocked messages on iPhone and what to do if you can’t see them. Keep reading for more information!

How Much Does A Smart Car Weigh

how much does a smart car weigh

Smart cars are more than just a catchphrase. These vehicles are equipped with technology that can make safe driving decisions. As a result, the safety rating of these cars has improved. How much does a smart car weigh? The average new smart car weighs about 2,750 pounds. This is about 700 pounds lighter than the average car in America today. However, like many other car features, there are pros and cons to the weight of a smart car. Let’s look at some details regarding how much it weighs and why…

How To Manually Move A Power Seat

how to manually move a power seat

When you think about it, the power seat is a pretty cool feature in your car. It allows you to move to a more comfortable position based on your needs and preferences at any given time.