What is Early Pregnancy? What are the Symptoms of Early Pregnancy, What Should Be Considered?


What is an early pregnancy? What are the symptoms? What should be considered? Is early pregnancy risky? In what situations do risk factors occur? Here are all the curious details.

There is not much talk about adolescent pregnancies as they represent only 2% of births. However, it is a fact that concerns hundreds of young girls who become adolescent mothers every year.

What is Early Pregnancy?

 There is no official definition for it. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the second leading cause of death among young girls aged 15 to 19 years worldwide from pregnancy and childbirth complications.

 Worldwide, 194 girls die every day from premature pregnancy. This phenomenon is exacerbated in developing countries where 1 in 3 girls are pregnant before the age of 18. Lack of information and sexual education, forced marriages, sexual abuse, lack of access to birth control, abortion ban explain these high numbers.

 What Are The Symptoms Seen During?

 Adolescent pregnancies are considered risky pregnancies, not because of internal reasons arising from the body’s youth, but because of the socio-economic context in which these young girls develop and the more risky behaviors in this age group.

 Moreover, pregnancy monitoring is often inadequate or late, as they ignore their pregnancy (consciously or unconsciously), notice it late, or want to hide it. Therefore, prospective young mothers cannot benefit from all counseling and screening examinations provided in the context of pregnancy monitoring.

 What Are the Risks?

 The lack of prenatal care, risky behavior, and psychosocial context of prospective young mothers put the baby more at certain risks. Two major complications are low birth weight and prematurity.

 The birth itself, on the other hand, is considered safe, provided the pregnancy is recognized, so child some parenting work can be done before arriving. 9 out of 10 early pregnancies occur within the framework of marriage or cohabitation. After marriage, girls are forced to have sex with their husbands and become pregnant.

 These early pregnancies are very dangerous for both mother and child: 194 girls die every day from early pregnancy. Still, 90% of the causes associated with these deaths are preventable. Childbirth complications are the second leading cause of death in girls ages 15-19 worldwide.