False beliefs, not epilepsy, do harm

The place to be intervened in epilepsy seizure must be a hospital. Forcing the patient, trying to open his chin, holding him hard; Various fractures can cause dislocations

Jaw forced open work their teeth are broken, causing each March 26, the world ‘Purple Day‘, meaning ‘Epilepsy Awareness Day’ is being considered. Stating that epilepsy patients face many obstacles in life due to misinformation, What is epilepsy seizure?

Epilepsy disease is shaped by recurrent seizures due to a temporary increase in electrification in the brain. There are many different epileptic seizures and diseases. Many different reasons such as cerebral hemorrhage, tumor, and damage to the brain tissue that develops due to trauma can lead to epilepsy. It occurs at a frequency of approximately 1 percent in society. Individuals with epilepsy can continue their lives in a healthy way, get married, read, get an education, work, and produce. What should be considered in a person who has an epileptic seizure?

Epilepsy Seizure

Misconceptions about epilepsy, not epilepsy, do more harm to the individual. This situation may change according to the type of seizure. In severe convulsive seizures, there is no method to stop the seizure outside the hospital. It usually ends with the brain balancing and suppressing excessive electrification within a certain period of time. Preventing the person from being harmed is the most important step. To prevent it from falling down, placing a soft pillow under his head, before clenching his teeth, an object that is soft enough not to get into his throat, but hard enough to harm his throat can be placed.

Forcing, trying hard to stop contraction causes broken dislocations and harms the person.

Interventions to open the jaw cause injuries and tooth fractures.

Sharp, broken objects that will cause injury in the environment should be removed.

It may be necessary to direct the person to the health institution by notifying the healthcare teams.

Sometimes patients can continue their work during seizures with partial unconsciousness. In this case, it may be necessary to secure the patient to prevent injury.

Surgical methods can be applied in cases of treatment-resistant epilepsy where DRUG treatment is insufficient. The aim here is to determine the area where the epileptic seizure originates, and to remove this area by surgical methods. This requires a series of scrupulous examinations. Seizures can be controlled in certain epilepsy diseases in which the findings are clearly evaluated. There are different methods of surgery as well as methods such as vagal nerve stimulation and ketogenic diet.