If the K vitamin is deficient, covid-19 is fatal! Absolutely consume these foods…


The vital importance of vitamin K has emerged as a result of the study on coronavirus. Since the coronavirus started to take effect all over the world, scientists have drawn attention to the importance of healthy nutrition and hygiene. In order to have stronger immunity against Covid-19, the vitamins we take into our body are of great importance. In recent studies, Dutch and Belgian scientists have announced that vitamin K deficiency can cause sudden death in coronavirus patients.

The research team of Dutch and Belgian scientists pointed out the double importance of vitamin K to the coronavirus, explaining that its deficiency can lead to various complications and cause sudden death.


According to scientists, the deficiency of vitamin K, which is responsible for the activity of the MGP protein, which protects elastic fibers from damage, is one of the important factors that lead to more serious lung damage in the corona virus, as well as can lead to complications that lead to decreased vascular flexibility. The body forms blood clots in the walls of blood vessels to heal the damage, which can lead to impaired blood circulation and even sudden death.


Vitamin K also activates protein S, which is synthesized in the cells lining the lining of blood vessels and suppresses the blood coagulation system. However, vitamin K deficiency can lead to vascular damage and thrombosis, causing serious complications and sudden death in Covid-19.


Russian experts, with whom the Izvestiya newspaper consulted on the scientists’ findings, acknowledged that vitamin K could play an important role in Covid-19, and recommended that more green vegetables be consumed in addition to fatty cheese, milk, and butter to maintain the body’s required norm of this substance. Never avoid eating vegetables ever.