What is a narcissist, what are the symptoms? (Is there a cure for a narcissistic personality disorder?

What is a narcissist? A narcissistic personality disorder is a type of psychological problem. It has negative aspects such as a sense of superiority, needs to be liked, the expectation of admiration, and inability to empathize. It is an exaggerated state of self-admiration. So what exactly is a narcissistic personality disorder?

The origin of the word narcissist is based on Greek mythology. According to Greek Mythology, the word Narcissist comes from Narcissus.

It has traits such as exaggerated self-admiration, self-admiration, omnipotence, and grandiosity. People with narcissistic personality disorder thus display negative attitudes. While these people glorify themselves, they tend to belittle and humiliate others.

Narcissists often seek people’s appreciation, approval, affection, admiration, and admiration. Their expectations from other people are in this direction. They cannot love heartily or deeply, and they cannot feel sorrow. On the outside, they are cold, distant, arrogant, self-righteous, and charming. But they are susceptible to injury, fragile structures. In addition, they have little self-confidence.


People with narcissistic personalities often have the following character traits:

Narcissistic people do not like to listen to other people.

They like to always be the center of attention.

They do not like to obey the rules and cannot accept the superior attitude.

Narcissist people cannot handle criticism.

They are not open to new ideas, they always think they are right.

Narcissist people get angry easily and hold the other party responsible for this situation.


Although there is no specific cure for narcissistic personality disorder, therapies can aid recovery. The purpose of these treatments is to improve the person’s weak feelings and create realistic expectations.

Despite all these bad traits, how attractive do these people look to others? People with this type of personality disorder often don’t get along with those around them. They can get angry if their own words are not listened to. They don’t like to listen to anyone but themselves. In any discussion, they often disagree and decide to do what they know.

People may encounter many people with this type of disorder in their daily lives. This personality disorder is also increasing due to the increase in the use of social media today. Therefore this disorder increases. The way to get along with these people is to go to their water. This type of effort should not be undertaken, as it is almost impossible to deal with people with a narcissistic personality disorder. They always tend to impose their opinions.