Ronaldo’s Anger Became Hope For A Child

The captain’s armband that Cristiano Ronaldo tossed on the ground became a hope for a sick child. Ronaldo’s armband went on sale at auction. Therefore this reaction of Cristiano Ronaldo after Serbia became a hope for a cure for a child’s illness.

Portugal‘s shot in the match with Serbia crossed the goal line but did not see a goal value. The star football player, who was angry with the decision of the referees, removed the captain’s bicep tape and threw it to the ground.

Ronaldo’s anger provided a beacon of hope for a Serbian child with SMA.

A stadium employee picked up the armband at the end of the match. So he donated it to an organization seeking funds for the six-month-old child.

The aid organization, which needed 2.5 million Euros for the treatment and surgery of the child, put the Pazu band to auction.

Serbian newspaper Telegraf stated that there was a lot of interest in the first few hours of the band’s auction. He stated that they could reach the required number in a short time.

Ronaldo announced that he would not quit his captainship after these events. His teammates said it was out of the question for him to quit captain. Regardless, Ronaldo still seems to remain the captain of the Portuguese team. Although this attitude of Ronaldo drew backlash, it is good news as there will be hope for the child with SMA in the future.