Herbs For Banishing

Herbs have been used for millennia as both food and medicine. Their powerful properties make them an excellent ally in the fight against negative energy and unwanted spirits. Endeavor to stock your pantry with these common herbs for banishing negativity and uninvited spirits from your home. Also known as “housewarming presents,” these herbs are believed to drive away evil spirits by their pungent aroma and potent properties.

Sage: Smudging with a Sacred Herb

Like other magical herbs, Sage has been used for ritual purification and cleansing for thousands of years. It’s also been used to heal, ease anxiety, and improve memory. The smoke from burning sage is believed to absorb negative energy and remove impurities, making it perfect for a smudging ceremony.

Sage is so effective at cleansing and clearing away negativity that it is often used in magic to clear a space before performing a spell or ritual. This herb is an essential ingredient in any magical household or tool drawer. Sage is a powerful cleansing herb, particularly when burned as incense, and is commonly used to cleanse and purify an area when negative energy has accumulated.

It’s been used for this purpose for thousands of years and is commonly found in rituals designed to rid a space of negative energy and bring about positive change. To use sage for cleansing and purification, you can burn it as incense or place fresh leaves on a hot burner until they begin to smoke.

Herbs For Banishing Frankincense: Purifying and Cleansing

Frankincense has been used in worship and ritual for thousands of years, one of the most common herbs for banishing spirits. It is believed to offer protection from unwanted human and non-human entities.

Frankincense releases a strongly scented smoke that cleanses and purifies the air. It is also known to repel insects, making it an excellent option for anyone who suffers from allergies. This herb is commonly used in rituals to cleanse a space of negative energy and welcome positive change.

It can also be used to bless tools and other items, such as jewelry or crystals, to help you manifest your goals. To use frankincense for cleansing and purification, light the tip of the stick and allow the smoke to waft through the air. You can also burn it on a hot plate or in a cauldron to release the smoke into a room.

Black Seed: Repels Dark Spirits

Black Seed, also known as Black cumin, is an herb native to the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is often used alongside other herbs in magical spells and house cleansing rituals, especially during the New Year.

Black Seed is an excellent ally in the fight against negative energy, as it is believed to repel dark spirits and bind them to the earth. It is also said to keep away the evil eye, bad luck, and other unwanted energies.

If you suffer from recurring nightmares or other signs of unwanted entities in your home, try sprinkling black seeds around the house to keep them away. You can add it to an incense blend or use it to decorate a protective charm.

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