It Is Known As The Worst Enemy Of The Heart!

Heart Attack

Heart attack ranks first among the causes of death in developed countries in the world. Stress, overweight, salt, and smoking are the worst enemies of the heart. Scientists stated that millions of people die each year due to a heart attack. Every ten seconds in the world, one dies of a heart attack. Scientists stated … Read more

Research: Sun Protects Against Covid-19

Sun Protects Against Covid-19

Sun Protects Against Covid-19. According to British scientists conducted research by examining 2 thousand 474 regions in the USA. According to the research, it was revealed that the sun’s rays significantly reduced the casualties caused by Covid. Thus, the casualties caused by Covid-19 were less than one-third of those living in sunny places in the … Read more

Warning from UK experts: we are facing a mental health crisis

A Mental Health Crisis

Psychological problems arose during the coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic in England. People went to the hospital with complaints such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Health officials announced that there has been a critical increase in the number of young people under 18 with these conditions. Experts warned that the country is facing a mental health … Read more

Elon Musk: I Trust Covid-19 Vaccines, Science Is Infallible

Elon Musk Vaccine

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk eventually decided to rely on vaccines. Elon Musk shared his social media account. “To be clear, I support vaccines in general and Covid-19 vaccines in particular. Science is infallible ”. The billionaire entrepreneur had a great reaction by stating in an interview that he and his children would not … Read more

WHO ‘Vaccine Passport’ Does Not Look Favorably For Now

Vaccine Passport

The World Health Organization made statements about the vaccine passport. According to the statement of WHO Spokesperson Margaret Harris. She said that many countries do not have access to vaccines, so they do not look favorably on vaccine passports for now. However, Harris also said the vaccine passport could be important in the future. World … Read more

Consume these foods to prevent cancer!

Foods to prevent cancer

Foods to prevent cancer. Cancer develops anywhere on the body. Thus, some cells reproduce uncontrollably and destroy cells with a specific function. According to experts, a healthy diet is important in quality life and to prevent many diseases. In addition, Experts offered suggestions to prevent cancer. Studies show that large intestine cancers are higher in … Read more