Research: Sun Protects Against Covid-19

Sun Protects Against Covid-19. According to British scientists conducted research by examining 2 thousand 474 regions in the USA. According to the research, it was revealed that the sun’s rays significantly reduced the casualties caused by Covid. Thus, the casualties caused by Covid-19 were less than one-third of those living in sunny places in the study. Research sparked hope for the summer months.

According to the research conducted in the UK, findings have emerged about Covid-19. Sun rays can play an important role in the fight against Covid-19.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh came to the following conclusion. He compared the levels of UV rays in that area with the casualties caused by Covid-19.

The study published in the British Journal of Dermatology pointed out the following. It reveals skin chemicals that prevent the spread of Covid-19 of ultra violet rays coming from the sun.

Sun Protects Against Covid-19 REDUCES BY ONE THREE

Scientists conducted research by examining 2 thousand 474 regions of the USA last year. They confronted the casualties caused by Covid and ultraviolet rays. It turns out that those who live in areas with the highest UVA rays, which make up 95 percent of ultraviolet rays, have a lower risk of dying.

In the report of the research, it was determined that the risk of dying from Covid is 32 percent lower in the districts with the highest daily UVA rays, while the Daily Mail’s report emphasized that the scientists’ statement instilled hope for the summer months.