A Fool And A Girl Manga

Manga where one character is stupid and the other is someone who loves him despite his stupidity has always been a lot of fun. In general, these mangas have been mostly a fool and a girl manga genre. In manga with this content, men can be quite brave with their loved ones, even if they take on the role of stupid. At the same time, they always have something to hide behind their stupidity.

A fool and A girl Manga examples

One of the most popular examples of this kind of manga might be One Piece. The main character of this cult series, which is still going on, pirate Luffy seems very stupid and confused. But he also has hidden powers. His mind may seem to be on food, but he is very loyal to his friends. Luffy is a character who is loyal to his crew and fights for them when needed. Luffy has a girl he loves with him. Although he sees Luffy as a complete idiot, he also has feelings for Luffy.

Another manga could be Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Z. Goku, our protagonist here may seem like an extremely stupid and reckless kid. He interrupts his education and commits mischief. But he’s always the strongest when it comes to saving the world. Goku gets stunned and stupid most of all when Chichi is with him. His love for Chichi is obvious and he does all kinds of stupid things to hide it. In these cases, it gets ridiculous.

Manga with A Dumb worth reading

It’s not like men will always make a fool of themselves. Sometimes our side characters can also be girls. The manga where the girls are confused are as follows; Yasuko Takasu(Toradora!), Tohru Honda(Fruits Basket), Orihime Inoue(Bleach), Mako Mankanshoku(Kill la Kill). These mangas have characters famous for their clumsiness and foolishness. You will laugh a lot while reading these characters. There may be different and funny scenes from each other.

Another manga that can fall into the category of the most famous a fool and a girl manga is Baka and Test. As the name suggests, “Baka” means fool in Japanese. You’re sure to find a fool in this manga for sure. The main character, Akishisa Yoshii, is a clumsy person with no skills. He is also a little shy because of this character. You can really laugh while reading about her shyness and foolishness while trying to approach the girl she likes. It could be a very good love and comedy story.