Trump statement by Twitter CEO Dorsey: it was the right decision to suspend his account

A new statement came from Twitter, which closed the account of US President Donald Trump. The announcement was made by the name of the microblogging platform. “It was the right decision to suspend Trump’s account,” said Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter.

“I’m not proud of our ban, but the decision we made was correct,” said Jack Dorsey, founder of the social media platform Twitter, about the permanent suspension of US President Donald Trump’s account.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey made a statement about the permanent suspension of US President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.

Commenting on Twitter, Dorsey said, “I believe this is the right decision for Twitter. We were faced with an extraordinary situation, ”he said. Stating that he was saddened by the decision, Dorsey said, “We should all look at the inconsistencies in our policy and sanction with a critical eye.”

Dorsey also used the phrase “They can go to other internet services” for people who do not follow Twitter’s rules and do not participate in sanctions.


Social media platform Twitter announced at the end of the week that US President Trump had temporarily suspended his account after the Congress raid.

With more than 88 million followers, Donald Trump’s account has not been reached since last week. In a written statement made on Twitter, it was announced that the last two messages that Trump shared on his account on Friday were against the regulation’s regulation on the prohibition of incitement to violence by the platform.

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also suspended Trump’s accounts due to their sharing. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the blocking of Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts will continue for at least two more weeks until the handover ceremony. Twitter CEO Dorsey’s statement focused on the reactions. Many people also expressed their satisfaction with this decision.