What Does 12 Tree Grid Mean?

12 tree grid

12 tree grid is a kind of scientific term. It can be called the structure of the Macrocosmic Universal tree of life. It is the first level of the light body. This is a kind of architecture of a multidimensional consciousness orientation.

12 Tree Grid Microcosmic Life

Earlier, we mentioned above that the 12 Tree Grid architecture is similar to the structure of the macrocosmic universal tree of life. Of course, this architecture is a more minimalized version. It can also be called the microcosmic version of the macrocosmic tree of life. The 12 Tree Grid is a kind of microcosmic tree of personal life. This cosmic structure is called the reduced version of man. It is a shape that spreads within the human anatomy, more if we extend it. As the name suggests, it has 12 points. They are ordered from bottom to top. The lowest point is the number “1” and the highest point is located on the top of our head. This number is also the number “12”.

The magnetism of spiritual bodies

12 Tree grid is mostly related to the chakras in the human anatomy. It is regularly and symmetrically distributed in the human body at 12 points. This figure shows the points of the spiritual cosmic energy of man. It has exactly 12 points. The geometry between the points shows the flow of energy. The points are mostly concentrated around the chakras on our bodies. This shape, which reflects the human anatomy and bone structure very well, creates a microcosmic personal life tree. The energy points in the chakras show the magnetism of the human being.

It constitutes a kind of universal ascension pattern.

If we need to examine it in a cosmic dimension, human energy has certain dimensions. Some have attained these dimensions effortlessly. But there are some energy levels that you need to concentrate on seriously to get to these levels. To summarize, these are; It can be listed as Incarnate, Soul, Monad, and the highest point Avatar. This ascension pattern can be called the Universal time matrix. These are directly linked to one’s chakra systems. Every person has open chakras as well as closed chakras. The more open our chakras, the higher our energy level in the matrix will be. But it is very difficult to open all the chakras. The three-layered 12 tree grid tree of life model can be applied as a personal life method for the opening of these chakras and energy management.

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