YouTube freezes Trump’s account

YouTube freezes Trump's account

YouTube announced that US President Donald Trump had frozen his account for at least 1 week on the grounds that it violated community rules.¬†Trump’s accounts were previously suspended by Facebook and Twitter

Owned by Google’s roof company Alphabet, YouTube announced last week that US President Donald Trump ‘s channel, whose supporters raided the Senate building, was frozen on the grounds that he violated community rules for calling violence.

It was stated in the statement made yesterday by YouTube that Trump
will not be able to upload videos to his channel for at least seven days and that he will not be able to broadcast live, and this period may be extended.

Following Trump’s speech to his supporters, a group of people raided the Senate building and 5 people died in the events. US social media companies Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc, and Snap Inc had temporarily frozen Trump’s social media accounts in order to urgently avoid the unfounded claims made by Donald Trump about the US general elections.

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