Anti-vaccination and children

The discussions over the vaccine opposition, which is as old as the history of the vaccine, have recently been focusing on the topics of effectiveness, content, and side effects. Most parents vaccinate their children as they cannot ignore the possible risks, but with countless questions and concerns … Are the ingredients in the vaccination really dangerous? Do vaccination cause disorders such as hyperactivity and autism? What role does vaccination play in prolonging human life? Why are we still getting vaccinations even though we have never heard of some diseases?

Stating that neglecting vaccination could have dangerous consequences, Seçkin said about vaccination , “There is no such thing as vaccination is over. Some vaccination needs to be repeated periodically, “he said.

Houses considered as the most sheltered place for babies and children actually contain many dangers. It is possible to prevent the dangers in the houses, which can lead to various injuries, disabilities or even death, by taking precautions. So what are the dangers and risks that await children in homes? What measures should be taken in which room of the house? What should be done in an emergency? 

The prevalence of genetic diseases similar to SMA in children, which has recently come to the fore with aid campaigns organized on some social media platforms, is increasing especially due to consanguineous marriages. However, early diagnosis of these diseases is possible with genetic screening tests performed before or during pregnancy. So what is SMA and how often is it seen? In what situations should the family be suspicious? Is it possible to treat genetic diseases such as SMA, autism and Down syndrome, how is it done? 

Winter diseases, which are quite common in children, seem to be somewhat overlooked due to the coronavirus pandemic that has prevailed in our country since last March. As a matter of fact, in this process, there is a more disturbing situation for parents since the diseases in question and the symptoms of coronavirus are similar. So what are the most common winter diseases in children? Which disease manifests itself with which symptom? Is flu a dangerous disease, how should it be treated? What kind of home treatment is correct in cases of high fever, vomiting, cough, diarrhea or constipation? When should a specialist be consulted? 


Overweight problem and obesity are one of the most important problems of our day… It can cause serious health problems in women, men, young, old and even children. Some diets come to the fore from time to time, especially against the weight problem caused by irregular, fast and unhealthy diet. These diets often come into fashion from time to time with the promise of ‘losing the most weight in a very short time’ and can lead to serious health problems and even death if not followed by an expert. So which is the healthiest diet? What are the most important mistakes made for the sake of losing weight? What are healthy ways to speed up metabolism?


Within the framework of the restrictions imposed in the corona process, the measure that affected our lives the most was the closure to homes … Almost every sector started working from home, and with the closure of schools, online education started from homes … Therefore, we had to fit life into the home … Maybe this process was with family members. It was enjoyable to be together more. However, as the time went on, both the increasing news of diseases and deaths and the uncertainty increased our concerns. And this situation was reflected in family relationships. So how did this process affect domestic relationships? Has the father’s role and function in the family changed? How is it possible to protect privacy in the corona process? Whose task is to maintain order and maintain the rules in the house?


The coronavirus pandemic is a process that the whole world has experienced for the first time. In an unexpected moment, habits, lifestyles, perceptions of danger and threat and most importantly, daily routines have completely changed … In this process, the frequent use of social media, articles about coronavirus, shared images, false information cause people to be psychologically affected. Social isolation and restrictions added to all these negatively affect not only adults but also the mental health of children. So how should we explain this process to children in the most appropriate way? What effects did the corona epidemic have on children’s mental development? How did panic parents affect children? Is there fear of death in children and babies? How is it possible to spend pleasant quality time together at home during the coronavirus process?


While the world has been trying to cope with the coronavirus epidemic for a year, experts also warn against many misinformation about the virus. While this process is full of unknowns, especially for children, children are one of the most disadvantaged segments. Because they are both at home because the schools are closed and they are exposed to restrictions with the age group over 65. So how does the coronavirus behave in children? Is the virus transmitted from breast milk to baby? What does getting infected with the virus mean for mother and baby during pregnancy? What should be done if symptoms such as fever, diarrhea or cough occur in children during such a process? What is the rate of getting coronavirus over and over again? 


The issue of healthy nutrition and strengthening immunity is the most important defense method of the body against all kinds of diseases, but it is more popular than ever during the pandemic period we are in. Various recommendations about nutrition that come up almost every day can cause confusion, sometimes by creating information pollution. So how should we eat to strengthen immunity? Is it okay to take vitamin and mineral supplements? What is the importance of water in a healthy diet? How much water is healthy to drink? 


Our lifelong eating habits and our palate are determined in the first two years of our lives. Therefore, feeding 0-2 year old babies is of great importance. In fact, the foundation of proper and healthy nutrition in a child’s life is laid in the period before the mother becomes pregnant. How to feed before pregnancy, pregnancy and breastfeeding? Which foods should be given weight to strengthen intelligence and immunity in babies? What are the ways to develop proper eating habits in children? Which diseases can be cured by a healthy diet? 


Issues such as feeding, raising and raising the child are generally addressed through mother-child relationships, and although the father is actually the main element of the family, he is perceived as a supportive actor. In the modern world where the time allocated to the child becomes very difficult for both parents, the vital role of the father in the child’s life is neglected. However, it is understood that this is not the right approach when problems arise due to the lack of father function. So what is the father’s role and importance in the child’s life? What functions should the father have in which periods of the child? What does it mean to be ready to be a father?


From the moment children are born, they always have to learn something new and adapt to life, and may face various difficulties in the meantime. Sometimes this can be the difficulties caused by starting school or a new sibling, and sometimes it can be severe traumas such as losing the closest ones. So how is a child who is flexible and capable of recovery in the face of life’s difficulties? What does disgrace mean in children? How are emotions such as self-confidence, responsibility and empathy instilled in children? Is it okay to hide problems that affect the whole family from the child?