young thug lipstick

Rapper Young Thug, one of the names that many people like and listen to, surprised his fans. The famous rapper is also at odds with another rapper French Montana for a while. Both are looking for each other’s vulnerabilities. They send messages to each other on social media. Most recently, French Montana claimed that Young Thug was wearing lipstick and a skirt. Although their faces are not fully visible in the photos in their claims, there are people who look like Young Thug.

young thug lipstick

Fans were shocked by French Monta’s posts. This news, which had a great impact on the rap community, occupied social media quite a lot. The photos taken by French Montana received thousands of likes and tens of thousands of interactions within minutes. Montana made strange posts after Young Thug said to Montana. The discussion between the two continued for a long time.

Montana claimed that Young Thug was wearing lipstick and a skirt. He also uploaded some photos to his Instagram account to support his claims. There are people who look like Young Thug in these photos. She shared photos of these people with lipstick and skirts. It is not clear whether the people in the photo he shared are really Thug or someone else. According to some reports, these are photos of Young Thug from earlier years. There are some reports saying that the photos really belong to the famous rapper. According to the news, the photos are from 2014. Also, the real person in the photos is Thug.

Both names got into each other on social media

Two famous rappers divided the rap community into two. Continuing their active rap lives since the 2010s, the names finally got into each other on Instagram. He said he displayed suspicious behavior with photographs he claimed were of Montana Thug. It is said that it is the Coronavirus quarantine that fuels these discussions.

The quarantines during the time of the coronavirus also affected the music community. The rappers were also not able to hold their concerts and were very impressed by the situation. Rumor has it that the two quarreled either to get backlash or to hurt each other’s careers. Montana later removed a photo of Young Thug claiming she was wearing lipstick. The discussion seems to be closed for now. Montana and Thug continue their rap careers. It’s like they left this discussion in the past.