The music world in shock: famous rapper DMX has taken to intensive care

DMX has taken to intensive care

One of the most iconic figures in the hip-hop and rap world, DMX suffered a heart attack. DMX has taken to intensive care. There are predictions that the famous artist’s heart stopped due to drugs. But no official statement has yet been made.

DMX Has Taken To Intensive Care

Famous rapper and actor DMX had a heart attack. Sad news came from DMX, which has a huge fan base in the world. He has worked on many joint projects with names such as Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Eve, and LL Cool J. There are reports that especially the rap and hip-hop figure that marked the 1990s is in intensive care.

DMX’s attorney Murray Richman did not respond to allegations that DMX suffered a heart attack due to drugs. The consciousness of DMX, which has been known to use drugs for many years and goes to rehabilitation, is currently closed.

“He was attached to the life support unit,” says 50-year-old Earl Simmons’s lawyer, who uses the stage name DMX. “Not right now, he can breathe, but he has very little brain activity.”


DMX has 15 children in the past, serving prison sentences for crimes such as cruelty to animals, irresponsibility in traffic, and possession of drugs and weapons.

In 2018, DMX appeared before the judge about tax evasion and played its own song at the hearing. The judge convinced the DMX to be a “good person” and sentenced him to 1 year in prison.

In addition to his musical career, he has been involved in numerous cinema projects, including films such as Cradle 2 the Grave and Romeo Should Die.

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