When A Man Thinks He’s Better Than You

Anyone who has dated will know that it’s not always a smooth ride. There are ups and downs, and you must be prepared for the worst. An egomaniac is almost impossible to date because it can make your life miserable. But if you have a crush on someone, how do you know when a man thinks he’s better than you? It isn’t always apparent at first glance, but there are telltale signs that he thinks he’s above you.

What Does it Mean When a Man Thinks He’s Better Than You?

Men who think they’re better than you will care very little about your feelings, thoughts, and time. If you’re dating a man who thinks he’s better than you, he will almost certainly be very selfish and egotistical. He might be great company and fun to hang out with when you’re on a date, but he won’t be the type of man who will put your feelings and needs first.

If a guy thinks he’s better, he won’t be willing to compromise or bend for you. He will not give you the attention or affection you deserve, nor will he be willing to meet you halfway in any situation.

He Won’t Value Your Time or Your Feelings

If a guy thinks he’s better than you, you can bet he will not value your time and feelings. He will not treat you with the same respect and kindness you deserve. If he thinks he’s superior to you, he will not want to spend much time with you. He might want to be with you, but he will not want to invest his time and energy into your relationship.

He won’t listen to your thoughts or opinions, and he will not care about your feelings. If you tell him something and he thinks it is trivial, he will ignore it. He will not care about what you say, nor will he ever ask for your advice. Instead, he will talk at you, not with you.

He Will Constantly Put You Down and Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

A guy who is egotistical will look down on you and put you down. Sadly, many people in relationships put each other down, but if he thinks he’s better than you, he will do it to a much higher degree. He will put you down and make you feel like you’re not good enough for him or anyone, and he won’t stop until he has crushed your self-esteem and made you believe you’re worthless.

He will tell you that you’re not good enough for a relationship, and he will be quick to remind you of your faults and flaws. If he thinks he’s better than you, he won’t be able to help himself. He won’t be able to be your boyfriend; he will want to be your teacher and show you how to be a “better you.”

He Will Manipulate, Lie and Deceive You

If a guy thinks he’s better than you, he will not have any respect for you or your feelings. He will feel he can do whatever pleases because you don’t deserve any better. If your boyfriend thinks he’s above you, he will swiftly use manipulation and lies to get what he wants.

He will not care if what he’s doing is wrong because he thinks you deserve it. He will feel it is okay to deceive or lie to you because you don’t deserve his honesty. Some men use manipulation and deceit to control their partners, and if your boyfriend thinks he’s better than you, he will do whatever he can to keep you where he wants you.

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