How To Become A Hollister Brand Agent

In the fashion retail world, brand agents are representatives who help drive sales for their assigned brands. They do this by connecting with relevant local influencers, coordinating events and in-store experiences, and much more. If you want to know how to become a Hollister brand agent and have the burning desire to sell clothing, here are some ways to make that happen. Here is what you need to know about the Hollister brand agent application process.

What is Hollister’s Brand Agent Program?

Hollister’s group of brand agents are called “VIP Agents.” They help run and facilitate events, sales, and special engagements for their assigned stores. They are also the ones who get notified about upcoming promotions and events.

The program is invite-only and is designed for people who work in retail. Brand agents will have access to exclusive events and sales. They can check out the newest fashion trends, see what’s selling and get the inside scoop on how to sell that merchandise. They also assist store associates in setting up events and selling products.

Tips for Becoming a Hollister Brand Agent

  • If you work in retail, apply as soon as you get word of a hiring opportunity. This is the best way to ensure that you get considered. Having experience in selling is also a huge plus.
  • If you don’t work retail and want to become a Hollister brand agent, you’ll need to become a “street team member.” This is a volunteer role where you help boost brand engagement in your local area.
  • To sell Hollister apparel, you’ll need to know the latest trends. You’ll also need to know how to sell them to your local customer base. To become a Hollister brand agent, you’ll also need to know how to communicate. You’ll be connecting with influencers and customers regularly. You’ll need to be good at public speaking and have a strong presence.

How to Become a Hollister Brand Agent? All You Need to Know!

If you work in retail and get invited to become a brand agent, you should jump at the chance. This is a very coveted position and will boost your career. Hollister also occasionally hires brand agents who don’t work in retail. When they do, they will look for people who can boost brand engagement in their local area with their “street team.”

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