What’s A Characteristic Of Responsive Display Ads

Responsive ads are a type of mobile advertising that is dynamic, adaptable, and responsive to the user’s viewing experience. They can change the size, shape of the screen size, or the resolution of the device that is accessing them. Many people wonder what’s a characteristic of responsive display ads. The characteristics of responsive display ads are endless as there are many different formatting options available to advertisers; however, below, you will find some general examples of what makes a piece of media responsive.

Change in Size, Shape, and Placement

The most obvious example of a characteristic of responsive display ads is a change in size, shape, and placement. A typical example is when you see an ad that takes up the entire page of a website or two or three pages of a magazine. This can also be seen in magazine ads that use multiple pages to show a longer-form advertisement.

Another example of this flexibility is seen in an image-based ad that can be resized and cropped. This allows the image to be placed in various formats, including banner and skyscraper advertisements, long-form ads, and even product placement inside an app.

What’s a Characteristic of Responsive Display Ads? Don’t Have to be a Rectangle

The most important characteristic of responsive display ads is that they don’t have to be a rectangle. While most form factors are rectangular, many different shapes and sizes are available for use in a responsive ad. For example, you can place a long-form ad in a vertical rectangle, a horizontal rectangle, a square, a trapezoid, a parallelogram, or a rhombus.

The only limit is your creativity and the ad regulations of the location where the ad will be visible. Remember that rectangular ads are often more effective while you don’t have to use a rectangular-shaped ad. Advertisers that choose non-rectangular shapes may pay a premium for their advertisements.

Show the Same Ad to Everyone

Another characteristic of responsive display ads is that they can show the same ad to everyone who views them. This can either be due to the advertiser creating a single ad designed to target as many people as possible or to targeting technology used by the ad network.

Can Show an Ad That is Currently Not Available for Viewing

Another characteristic of responsive display ads is that they can show an ad that is not currently available for viewing. This can be done by showing a previously published ad or combining dynamic text, images, and other types of media to create a new ad that is not based on an existing piece of content.

For example, if you are a car dealer and want to advertise a specific car model, you might create an ad with a dynamic headline that reads “Now Available” and an image of the car.

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