How To Reset Restricted Performance Range Rover

Whether driving a car or motorcycle, you need to know how to reset the restricted performance. This is because sometimes we forget where we parked and lock ourselves out of the car or bike. Other times, we might have left it somewhere unsafe, and now it won’t start. To reset the restricted performance on your Rover car or motorcycle, there are different procedures that you can follow depending on the type of security system fitted to your vehicle. For example, if it is a manual transmission, you will need a unique code to enter the VIN code to get into a neutral position. There are several other ways as well that can be used for how to reset restricted performance range rover car or motorcycle – read further for more details about each procedure.

Manual Transmission

A manual transmission is a shift-by-hand gearbox that uses a clutch instead of an automatic transmission’s torque converter. Manual transmissions are the standard transmission found in most cars and light trucks. Unlike automatic transmissions, manual transmissions require the driver to select the desired gear and control the engine’s revolutions per minute (RPM). To reset the restricted performance on a manual transmission-based vehicle, you need to get into first gear, shift to a neutral position, and re-shift to first again. You will then be able to enter the VIN code to unlock the performance restriction. If by any chance, you forget the VIN code, you can always look up the VIN of your vehicle on the internet to find the original owner’s manual and the VIN code.

Computerized Transmission

A computer-controlled transmission (CCT) is a type of transmission that uses computer software to control the transmission’s operation. In most vehicles, the transmission is computer-controlled. To reset the restricted performance on a computerized transmission-based vehicle, you must have the VIN code ready. You must also put the gear into Park for automatic and Drive for manual transmission. Turn the ignition switch off and then press and hold the od/lock and brake pedal for about 10 seconds.

Key-Based Restricted Performance Reset

For owners of a vehicle with Keyless Entry, you can reset the restricted performance by pressing the od/lock and brake pedal for about 10 seconds. You will hear a beep indicating that the restricted performance has been reset. You can now start the engine and drive your car.

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