Xiaomi introduces air charging technology Mi Air Charge


Xiaomi announced its device called Mi Air Charge, which will allow devices to be charged over the air. Devices with wireless charging support will be able to continue charging when they are in the same environment with Mi Air Charge.

Xiaomi announced the device named Mi Air Charge, which offers a very innovative approach to the charging problem. The important feature that distinguishes this device from its counterparts is that it does not need to contact your phone while using the product.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge is basically a wireless charger. However, the working principle of the product is different from other wireless chargers. According to the statements made by the company, you do not need to contact the charger with your phone while using this product. Also, if there are multiple phones around the product, all of these phones can be charged at the same time.

Xiaomi Mi Air Charge has been a spoken technology for a long time. However, no company has ever been able to turn this technology into a commercial product. Thus, Xiaomi has achieved a first that provides an advantage for users.

Although Xiaomi’s new technology seems impressive, it is not known what risks to health. Xiaomi has not made an official statement on this issue, but when the product goes on sale, the authorities will examine Xiaomi’s new technology in detail. Xiaomi seems to be able to take steps to rewrite the rules of the game in the future. Health hazards of this technology will be investigated.