US President Trump allegedly locked himself in his room at the White House and did not speak to anyone

US President Trump allegedly locked himself in his room at the White House and did not speak to anyone

It was alleged that while the US House of Representatives initiated the impeachment process for President Donald Trump for the second time, Trump locked himself in his room in the White House. Trump is said to be uncomfortable with his lack of support from his party.

January 6 raid at the Congress’ sedition ‘and accused a second time about the impeachment process initiated by US President Donald Trump ‘ s itself is extremely angry and the White House isolated. Speaking to American CNN television, a White House source noted that the President was upset and did not want to talk to anyone.


Stating that ‘everyone is angry with everyone’ at the White House, the source said that President Trump is angry because he thinks he is not defended enough. The source said of Trump, “In self-pity mode.”


“Trump is hiding inside his residence. This is definitely not a good thing,” said another source close to the White House. The same source said, “When he has a bad feeling, he is not with the people he will tell them to, but alone. Since he does not have access to Twitter, God knows what will come out of here.”


Meanwhile, it was noteworthy that Trump released a new video in which he condemned the violence but did not mention his impeachment process. Speaking to CNN, many officials said that the only option left for Trump is to use the ‘power of amnesty’ and a new wave of amnesty may come. A source close to Trump noted that the President did not find it right to use this authority for himself and his children, but wanted to use the power of amnesty for senior names.


According to CNN, many people close to Trump say, “His own actions have brought him to this point, not someone else.” In the last impeachment attempt against Trump, many Republicans openly supported him and declared that he was against dismissal, but it was noteworthy that he was not in unison as the first impeachment. Ten deputies voted against Trump in the House of Representatives. As eyes turned to the vote in the Senate, which was decisive for dismissal, even the Republican Majority Leader in the US Senate, Senator Mitch McConnell, said that he was still undecided about the vote and would decide according to the trial.


After the House of Representatives approved the impeachment clause for US President Donald Trump, eyes turned to the Senate, the ultimate decision-maker. Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell, in a telephone conversation with Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer, stated that the Senate will meet again on January 19, as planned, and that they will not set that date earlier.

2 out of 100 senators need to vote in this direction

If the impeachment hearing for President Trump, which could block the way for a possible presidential nomination in 2024, begins on January 19, Trump’s impeachment process will extend to the Biden era. However, some senators want the Senate session to be held at a later date so that the first days of Biden, who will take office on January 20, are not marred by the impeachment trial. For the Senate to convict Trump, at least two-thirds of the 100 senators need to vote in this direction. In this case, at least 17 people from Trump’s party must take action against him.

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