What Does A Yellow Heart Mean On Snapchat? (All About It)

We explain what does a yellow heart mean on Snapchat. A yellow heart on Snapchat is a sign that the person who sent it to you is your “BF/GF” (boyfriend/girlfriend). It’s the equivalent of a red heart on Instagram, which means that someone is your “bf/gf.” If you see a yellow heart from someone, it might be time to start thinking about how you feel about them! 😉

What does a yellow heart mean on Snapchat?

A yellow heart on Snapchat is a way to let someone know that you really appreciate them. It serves as a symbol of your true, unconditional affection for them and is the ultimate sign of online friendship or blessing.

Sending a yellow heart on this messaging app can show thing users that you cherish the connection between you and want it to be seen by others. While there are other colors and symbols used to interact with friends such as red hearts, smiley faces, or fire/rose emojis, yellow hearts have become a popular way to express one’s admiration for another person.

what does yellow heart mean on snapchat

How do you get a yellow heart on Snapchat?

It’s easy to get a yellow heart on Snapchat! To receive the yellow heart next to your friend’s username in your Friends list, you and your friend must both have sent at least one Snapstreak to each other within 24 hours.

The Snapstreak will be marked by a number followed by flame emoji, which shows the number of consecutive days you two have Snapped at one another. While the first two coincide with their respective color-coded hearts (yellow for friends, red for best friends), each additional day adds a fire emoji to the streak counter until it reaches 100+. So make sure to keep up your Snapstreaks for as long as possible if you want that coveted yellow heart!

What do the different Snapchat hearts mean?

Snapchat has a system of hearts to express appreciation in a couple of different ways. What do the different colored hearts mean? The seven core heart colors on Snapchat each offer something unique and special to the recipient.

Red is for true love, yellow expresses real friendship, purple stands for admiration and kindness, green means jealousy and enviousness, pink signals flirting and happiness, orange is an expression of shock or amazement, and blue conveys gratitude. Depending on what’s appropriate at the moment, you can express your feelings through a range of these Snapchat hearts.

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