The perverted teacher had sex with a 16-year-old student over and over while her husband was at home

The teacher had sex with her student. Kimberly Wellman-Rich, a 36-year-old special education teacher in the United States, entered a relationship with a 16-year-old student. He gave alcohol and drugs to a 16-year-old student from another city as part of his student exchange program at his birthday party. After the party, she first took the student to the hotel and then to her own house. The student, with whom she had a relationship at home many times despite her husband, stated that her husband also allowed this situation.

The Teacher Had Sex With Her Student

A 36-year-old married teacher, Kimberly Wellman-Rich, a special education teacher in Alabama, caused a sensation. He attended the birthday of a 16-year-old student from another city as part of a student exchange program. After giving alcohol and drugs to the student at the party, she took her to the hotel and got into a relationship.


The next morning, she took the student to her home and had intercourse again while her husband was at home. The student whose statement was taken after the incident revealed made a statement. She stated that the woman’s husband also said that he could continue this relationship ‘on condition that he did not tell anyone’. Thereupon, the teacher and his wife were arrested together.

They Had Sex All Over The House

The teacher will be punished for sexual abuse because she is 16 years old. They will also judge her husband for tolerating sexual abuse. The teacher gave his statement. She said she had repeatedly had sexual intercourse in the living and bedrooms of her house. In addition, the teacher stated that his wife was in one of the other rooms during sexual intercourse. The detention of the teacher and her husband continues.