Halsey’s pregnancy excitement grows

Halsey is preparing to hold her first baby from her relationship with Turkish lover Alev Aydın. Halsey compared his belly to a basketball. Standing in front of the camera, Halsey almost revealed his growing belly.

They are expecting a baby with her Turkish lover, Alev Aydin, with whom she has been in love for about two years. Hungarian-born American singer Halsey’s excitement is growing. He frequently posts his belly-topped shots from his social media account. Halsey has added a new one to her posts.

She compared her belly with a basketball ball

Halsey counts days to hold her first baby. This time he compared his belly to a basketball.

Halsey currently has over 23 million followers on Instagram. The famous singer wrote to his post, “These show that the games are getting harder with each passing day.” The humorous sharing of the famous singer was liked more than 3 million times.


Halsey had celebrated her lover’s birthday with a post she posted on her social media account in recent weeks.

The famous name shared the frame where Alev Aydın, who turned 38, kissed her belly on Instagram. Halsey, who said, “I am learning Turkish” before, dropped the note “Happy birthday my love” to his post, which received more than 2 million likes.


Halsey recently made statements about her pregnancy. The famous singer reproached the speculation about her pregnancy.

“Why would it be normal to speculate and judge about fertility and pregnancy?” she used her expressions.


The singer stated that her pregnancy was planned. She said, “I tried very hard for this, but if it happened in another way, I would be very happy again.”


Halsey began the countdown to hold her baby. She frequently shares her feelings and thoughts in this process with her followers.

The American singer recently posted photos taken on the beach. Stating that being pregnant equates gender perception, Halsey used the following expressions:

February is the shortest month, but the days seem to be taking too long. But is it also going too fast? I was thinking a lot about my body. It’s strange to watch yourself change so quickly … I thought pregnancy would give me very strong, dual feelings about ‘femininity’ but it really equated my perception of gender.


The famous singer said, “My sensitivity to my body made me very aware of my humanity, and that’s all. I’m doing something extraordinary. And it’s great. I hope this feeling continues.”

Halsey also wrote the message, “I cook a lot, sleep more than usual, read a lot of books. I miss my family. And you too … goodbye for now.”


The world-famous singer Halsey gave a news that surprised his fans in the past months.

She said that he had a DNA test before and that he was 11 percent Turkish. The famous star shared with her followers that she was expecting a baby from her lover Alev Aydın.


The singer posts pregnancy photos from her Instangram account. He dropped the note “Surprise” on his photos and tagged his lover as well.

Aydin also shared the photo of Halsey’s pregnancy on his Instagram page.

Halsey’s posts had a great impact on social media as well. More than 400 thousand tweets were made about the famous singer.


The couple has been in a secluded relationship for two years. Halsey also celebrated the New Year with her lover and declared her love.

Alev Aydın has been living in the USA for a long time. Working as a scriptwriter and producer, Aydın has also appeared in various films.

From the photos that Alev Aydin shared on her Instagram page, it is understood that she was in Saudi Arabia, New York and Giresun as a child.


His real name is Nicolette Ashley Frangipane Halsey, had come to Turkey in October last year.

Halsey wrote a message in Turkish. In response to the message “Everybody calm down, please”, fans had asked her where she was.

Halsey, who remained silent for a while, then continued to share from Istanbul again. Halsey, who drank Turkish coffee and made fortune telling in Kuzguncuk, also showed a special interest in Istanbul’s street animals.

She also included Turkish cuisine in his posts. Photos of dishes such as mixed breakfast, wraps and ravioli were also featured on the social media page of the famous singer.


Halsey shared the message, “I grew up thinking that I am Hungarian. Then I had a DNA test and saw that I am not very Hungarian, actually Turkish. It is only 11 percent, but it is enough for me to like baklava” on his Twitter account.

Halsey stated that she learned Turkish in another social media message.