Why Are Takis Banned In Canada?

why are takis banned in canada

If you’ve ever spent time with a kid from a culture that eats takis regularly, you probably know as much as we do about why takis were banned in Canada. But we have more questions than answers. Canadian officials have been tight-lipped about the decision to ban all types of dried and seasoned chili pepper … Read more

Phoenix Ghost Drones For Ukraine

Phoenix Ghost Drones

The U.S. Department of Defense announced that tactical drone systems will be sent to Ukraine as part of $800 million in military aid. It was stated that the unmanned aerial vehicles called “Phoenix Ghost Drones” were developed for Ukraine. The Ministry of Defense (Pentagon) announced today that within the scope of the new aid package, … Read more

Queen Elizabeth 96th Birthday! Secrets Of Long Life

Queen Elizabeth 96th Birthday

Queen Elizabeth II, who went down in history as the longest-reigning person on the throne, turned 96 years old. Everyone is celebrating Queen Elizabeth 96th birthday. Although Queen Elizabeth, who has been on the throne for 70 years, has recently attracted attention with her health problems, the secrets of long life have been a matter … Read more