How To Hit A Cart Without A Battery

Let’s face it: there will come a time when you’re out of battery on your vaping device. Maybe you forgot to charge it, maybe the battery died sooner than expected, or maybe you just got caught up in your game and ignored how much juice was left. This article will teach you how to hit a cart without a battery. Continue to read.

How to Hit A Vape Cart Without a Battery

If you’re vaping with a mod, hitting a cart without a battery is easy. Just connect your cart and vape as usual. If you’re vaping with a vape pen, it gets a bit trickier — but not impossible. You can use one of two methods: direct draw or pass-through.

Electronic Cigarette Cart: Why You Don’t Have One

First, let’s talk about what a cart is. A cart is the housing that holds your juice. It connects to a vape mod or pen and delivers the juice from the container to your atomizer or coil. The cart is built into the device when you vape with a mod. 

You must use a prefilled cart when you vape with a vape pen. Carts, though, are usually proprietary. In other words, you can’t use any cart with any device. If you buy a vape pen with a prefilled cart, you can’t use any other cart with that pen. This is because each cart is designed for use with a specific device to ensure optimal performance.

What You Need: No-Battery Vaping Tricks

If you’re vaping with a mod and run out of battery, you can use any cart with any device as long as it’s compatible. So if you have a vaping buddy with a different device and he has a cart, you can pop it into your device. If you’re vaping with a vape pen and run out of battery, you have two options: You can use a different battery or find a way to direct draw.