How To Stake An Orchid

how to stake an orchid

Orchids are beautiful and delicate plants, making them prone to stress when not cared for properly. Staking an orchid ensures that the plant grows in its optimal position and won’t topple over under its weight. A stake also helps support the plant, so it’s less likely to fall into its foliage or another nearby plant that could cause stress. Even if you have limited space, there are several ways how to stake an orchid without hurting it.


Orchids can be staked in several ways. The best way to stake an orchid is to use a bamboo stake covered in decorative but non-toxic cloth. This will not only support your plant but also blend in well with your decor. Another option, if you don’t want to use cloth, is to use a wooden stake.

However, you do want to be cautious here, as some woods may harm the plant if they touch the leaves. Bamboo or wood is best, but any natural wood will do. Be sure to take care to select a non-toxic wood. If you’re looking for a traditional way to stake an orchid, try using a metal stake. Be sure to use a non-toxic metal like copper or brass. You may also wish to use a decorative cloth or ribbon to hide the metal.

How to Stake an Orchid When It’s Too Tall?

Orchids too tall and leggy may be in the wrong potting soil and fertilizer combination. If you recently purchased your orchid, it may also grow too quickly. Orchids are best when they show new growth, but not so much that the stem becomes leggy and long.

If the stem is growing so tall that it doesn’t have enough strength to support the rest of the plant, you can gently bind it to the side of the pot or another nearby plant. When staking an orchid that is too tall, you want to ensure that the plant is staked in a non-damaging way so as not to hurt or cause it to rot.

How To Stake With Orchid String?

If you’re interested in staking an orchid with string, we recommend using a fishing line or non-toxic cotton thread. Tie the string around the middle of the plant and tie it to the pot. If you want to hide the string, you can cover it with a decorative ribbon.

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