Cooking Oil Recycling

Nature has always been the source of life for us living things. Due to today’s widespread industrialization and our unconsciousness, we are harming the nature we live in. We have prepared our article “Cooking oil recycling” to leave a breathable planet to future generations.

Is it illegal to throw away cooking oil?

It is strictly forbidden to dispose of cooking oil in the trash. Waste oils thrown into the garbage often cause fires in the landfill. When used waste oils mix with garbage, they go down to the groundwater and pollute our drinking water over time, and it is very costly to purify the groundwater from this dirt.

It is also not legal to burn waste oils in places such as stoves and ovens. If you burn it, the heavy metal and chlorine components in the waste oil mix with the air and create air pollution.

Waste oils and Cooking Oil Recycling

Cooking oil recycling is very important for our drinking water. Therefore, after informing you about waste frying oils, let us tell you what to do.

1 – Every year, millions of tons of cooking oil are used for food purposes in the world. Hundreds of thousands of tons of waste oil is generated from the use of these oils.

2 – 1 liter of cooking oil pollutes 1 million liters of drinking water. This is a very serious figure.

3 – 25% of domestic waste water pollution consists of used frying oils spilled into the sink.

4 – Since the physical and chemical reactions that occur during the frying process lead to the formation of many decomposition products in oil, these substances harm the environment and human health.

5 – Cooking oil with a polar substance ratio exceeding 25 is harmful to human health. Oils with this feature should be withdrawn from the food chain and evaluated as waste.

What Can We Do For Cooking Oil Recycling?

The most important step in this regard will be not to pour the used oils in our house into the sink or trash. You should recycle the oil accumulated in your home by contacting the licensed waste oil collection company or the municipality.

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