Can You Drink Milk After Eating Fish 2021

Can you drink milk after eating fish ? Fish is one of the most consumed food types in the world. Legends of fish poisoning, which are strengthened by rumors, constantly confuse people. According to these rumors, drinking milk while eating fish or after eating fish causes poisoning. Let’s look at the scientific truth of this, not the myths.

Can You Drink Milk After Eating Fish

Can you drink milk after eating fish Fish is very useful with omega3, B group vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins A? The relationship between fish, which is a very popular and consumed food type in our country, and milk has been the subject of discussion for years.

Fish poisoning is scombroid-toxicosis. It mostly occurs in black-fleshed fish. So what is black meat fish? Fish species such as anchovy, horse mackerel, mackerel, scallop, silver, sardine, bonito, toric, and garfish are dark-fleshed fish. When the fish is not exhibited and stored under suitable conditions, it becomes stale and begins to produce bacteria. Bacterial production of stale fish also causes poisoning.

How do you know fresh fish

The main point we need to pay attention to in order not to be poisoned is that the fish is fresh. When the fish is stale, eating and drinking, including milk, may react in the body and cause poisoning.

When fresh fish is consumed, it will not give it to you after how many hours you drink milk. If you think that drinking milk after eating fish during pregnancy is harmful, you should not consume milk. For your peace of mind, you can safely drink milk after an average of 5 hours after consuming fish. After a period of 5 hours, the fish you eat will already be digested. In this way, you can relax.

We told you to pay attention to the selection of fresh fish. So how do you choose fresh fish? You can easily find fresh fish in the fish markets of your city or town. Because it is very difficult for you to come across stale fish in fish markets.

After eating fish, let’s take a look at the criteria of fresh fish that you need to pay attention to so that you can drink milk comfortably.

How exactly do we know fresh fish

  • The smell of fish. Fresh fish does not smell bad at all, except for a slight sea odor. If it smells, it means stale.
  • Shiny appearance. Fresh fish looks more lively and bright. Stale fish, on the other hand, is dull and does not look healthy to the eye.
  • Understand by touch. Especially in large fish selections, if the meaty part of the fish does not collapse when you touch the fish, it means that the fish is not fresh.
  • Go to the same fisherman. Always buy your fish from the same place. This will make your shopping more reliable. Of course, take the precaution and continue to pay attention to the freshness of the fish.

After explaining how fresh fish is understood, we think that you no longer have any fear of poisoning from fish. After fresh fish, you can eat and drink whatever you want.

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