Can Warmed Breast Milk Be Refrigerated Again? (We Explained)

Can warmed breast milk be refrigerated again? It is common to refrigerate breast milk after pumping, but can you re-warm it and put it back in the fridge? Is there a specific way to reheat breast milk so that it is still safe to drink? Keep reading to learn more.

Can warmed breast milk be refrigerated again?

Many breastfeeding mothers may find themselves wondering – can warmed breast milk be refrigerated again? The good news is that it can, with some caveats. Whenever possible, freshly expressed or pumped milk should be used within a few hours after being expressed, and any milk that can’t be used immediately should be stored in a cool spot – ideally in the refrigerator.

Warming can reduce the quality of the milk, but if necessary, it can still safely be refrigerated for use later on. It’s important to store refrigerated milk within two hours after removing it from the fridge and warming it, using only enough for a single feeding. If not consumed within that two-hour timeframe, it should be discarded. By following these guidelines, breastfeeding mums can also rest easy knowing their babies are getting the optimum nutrition from their breast milk!

can you put warmed breast milk back in the fridge

How long can I keep breast milk in the fridge?

How long can I keep breast milk in the fridge? Generally, if kept properly, expressed breast milk that has been cooled and placed in the refrigerator can be stored anywhere between four to eight days. As a best practice, ensure the milk is double-bagged or use freezer-safe containers with secure lids to reduce leakage and contamination.

It’s important to make sure whatever container you’re using is labeled with a date so you can easily determine when it was expressed. Ultimately, any breast milk that has been left out of the refrigerator needs to be used within four hours or discarded. Therefore, it’s important to consider the temperature fluctuations and outside temperatures when storing your breast milk for optimal safety and nutrition for your little one!

Can I freeze breast milk that’s been warmed up?

Can I freeze breast milk that’s been warmed up? The answer is yes – you can freeze freshly expressed breastmilk even if it has been warmed for a feed! Once the milk has been previously frozen, however, it should not be refrozen after thawing. Consider storing your expressed breastmilk in small portions, as this will decrease waste and simplify the process of warming and cooling.

Properly stored breastmilk is safe for consumption for up to a month when kept in the back of the refrigerator; for longer storage times, consider freezing it. Freezing compartmentalized portions will also give you more flexibility in portion sizes and flavors when selecting meals for your baby. With all these great benefits, proper freezing and storage of your breastmilk is something to definitely consider!

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