Unmasked Bruce Willis expelled from the pharmacy!

Unmasked Bruce Willis expelled from the pharmacy!

Bruce Willis, seen in a pharmacy in Los Angeles, was asked to leave the pharmacy when he did not wear a mask. Irresponsible behavior of 65-year-old actor criticized by pharmacy staff

Famous actor Bruce Willis caught the lenses while he was traveling without a mask, ignoring the coronavirus epidemic. Willis walked into a pharmacy while journalists took the footage.

Careless, Willis was warned by an employee at the pharmacy for not wearing a mask. The 65-year-old player who refused to follow the rules was later removed from the pharmacy.

While it was possible for the famous actor with the scarf around his neck to lift him up to his face easily, he did not exhibit this behavior, which surprised the employees.

Willis continued not to wear a mask when he was spotted outside by paparazzi after being asked to leave the pharmacy. Willis, who was asked to explain, left the questions unanswered.


Bruce Willis, who has been married to Emma Heming since 2009, had spent the quarantine process in the house of his ex-wife Demi Moore with his children.

Willis’ wife Heming, her daughters Mabel and Evelyn also joined the team. The two families, who went through this process together, posted their happiness poses on their social media accounts.

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