How To Turn On Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control

how to turn on bose cinemate without remote control

If you have Bose Cinemate speaker or soundbar, you may encounter the problem of controlling it with no remote control. To fix this issue, it is necessary to enable the Bose remote on the device and start using it without difficulty. To do that, you need to enable the Bose remote app and pair it with your speaker again. Here is how: Keep reading to know more about how to turn on bose cinemate without remote control on your Chromecast and start using it again.


First, you must enable the remote control on your Bose speaker or soundbar. To do this, press the Bose button on the speaker and then press the volume up button. Now, hold the Bose button for a few seconds until the lights on the speaker start flashing. This indicates that the remote control has been enabled on the speaker.

Step 2: Install Bose Remote App On Your Mobile Device

Next, you need to install Bose remote app on your Android or iOS device. The Bose remote app comes with a remote control feature that can be used to control the speaker. You can download the app from Google Play Store using an Android device. If you are using an iOS device, head to App Store to download the app.

Step 3: Pair The Speaker With The Remote Again

Now, you need to pair the speaker with the remote app again. Launch the Bose remote app on your device and tap on the “Add a device” option. Now, select the Bose speaker you want to pair with the remote app. When the Bose speaker appears on the screen, tap “Next” to pair the remote app with the speaker. Once pairing is finished, you can start controlling the Bose speaker from your mobile device.


If you are facing issues while trying to enable Bose remote on the speaker, then there are chances that the remote is not working. In that case, you can try replacing the remote control with a new one.

If the remote is not working, it is often due to weak batteries. In that case, you can try replacing the batteries with new ones to fix the issue. If the remote issues persist and you have tried all the solutions, the remote may have stopped working. In that case, you can replace the remote with a new one.

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