Does Les Schwab Have Military Discount

Les Schwab believes that they have a responsibility to support the local community. As part of that, they offer a military discount to active service members, veterans, and their family members. Les Schwab knows how important it is for them to support those who serve our country. Does Les Schwab have military discount? The company also recognizes how difficult it can be for military families to find car care services that offer military discount programs. As such, they’ve created a unique program tailored just for them.

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What Services Does Les Schwab Offer?

This program is more of a discount at a higher price. This is why Les Schwab created a program that enables military families to take advantage of various car care services. And, they don’t just offer discounts on essential services. They also provide a current list of special offers ranging from free oil changes to discounted tires.

How to Take Advantage of the Military Program

To take advantage of Les Schwab’s military car care program, you must have your military ID card. You’ll use this card to receive your discount. You can use your ID card to receive your discount in two ways. You can either show your card to a Les Schwab representative or use their app. Also, you can use your ID card to get a free standard tire inspection. You can take advantage of this service at any Les Schwab location.

How to Find a Les Schwab Location Near You

If you’re an active military member, you can find the nearest Les Schwab location by visiting their website. You can also use their app to find the closest store and schedule an appointment for your service. And you can use their website to access a current list of special offers. Although you can find a list of all Les Schwab locations online, you’ll want to take a few extra steps. That’s because not all locations provide the same services. Use this website to find the closest store to ensure you choose a location that offers the services you need.

Is Les Schwab Worth the Trip?

Les Schwab is definitely worth the trip if you’re in the military. This company offers more than just discounts on essential services. They also offer a wide variety of special offers that change regularly. That means there’s always something new to look forward to. And it also means there’s never a wrong time to visit Les Schwab. Whether you need a quick oil change or want to rotate your tires, Les Schwab is the place to go.