Flash statement from Xiaomi: we have nothing to do with the Chinese army

Xiaomi, a Chinese technology manufacturer, is a company known worldwide for its price/performance phones. On the other hand, the company’s blacklist in the US with the decision of US President Donald Trump and Xiaomi’s claim that it is linked to the Chinese army has caused a stir. Xiaomi made an important statement on these developments.

Xiaomi, the Chinese brand The disclosure also involved in the issue as follows:

“Our company carries out its activities in accordance with the laws and regulations of the districts where the presence and offers fully products and services for retail and commercial use. Our company Chin aIt does not belong to the military has no ties to the Chinese military and is not a “Communist Chinese Military Corporation” as stated in the NDAA (US National Defense Authorization Act). All necessary measures will be taken by us to protect the interests of our company and our shareholders.

Our company continues its detailed investigations in order to evaluate the effects of the possible consequences of this process on the group. If necessary, additional explanations will be made in the following days. “


After Huawei, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has also been added to the black list in the USA. First of all, it is expected that some restrictions related to the supply chain will come. It is unclear which sanctions will be applied in the next step.


It is too early to speak clearly on this subject. However, Xiaomi and Huawei are not in a similar situation. Because it is noted that this black list is different from the list to which Huawei was added. In other words, it is clearly stated that Xiaomi can normally continue to do business with US companies. The possibility of Xiaomi losing its Android license due to this situation is not on the table for now.

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