New trend: Workation

Workation! A new vacation concept has developed for those who do not need anything other than a computer to work. Holidays with the concept of “workstation”, arising from the combination of the words “work” and “vacation” in English, will be the trend of this year.

Due to the pandemic, our work and vacation habits have also changed, like many things in our lives. With the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working system was introduced. It was possible to work from anywhere with a computer and an internet. The holiday preferences of the employees who take advantage of the situation have been announced. They prefer opportunities where they can both work comfortably and have a holiday. For this reason, the “workation” concept holidays, which include both “vacation” and “work”, will be highly preferred this year.

‘The biggest advantage of Workation is to continue working full time. Providing longer accommodation than normal holidays.


However, due to flight restrictions, domestic routes are more prominent than international routes for the new holiday trend. Because this is the biggest handicap of those who work from home. The increase in the time people spend at home and the removal of the boundary between home and work gives them an advantage. In order to prevent this, the increase in relocation possibilities can positively affect the psychology of the employees.


Amazon and Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world, decided to change the home-working application launched due to the coronavirus. Both companies signaled a return to office-centric working order. According to the plan, they will call the vaccinated employees to work in the upcoming period.