Woman On Airplane Punches Old Man

Recently, the images of a woman on the plane became the agenda. As can be seen from the videos, a woman punches an old man on the airplane because he is not wearing her mask. The old man sitting in his seat says he will sue him for doing this. The unruly customer disturbance went viral on social media.

Woman on airplane Punches Old Man

In this incident that took place in the USA, the woman on the airplane punches the old man. The video, which spread rapidly on social media, managed to go viral in a short time. The reason the woman punched the old man was that the man was not wearing a mask. As can be seen from the video, it is seen that the man takes off his mask to eat.

The woman is very angry and continues to threaten the old man and walk on him. Then he punches the old man after the old man’s words “Sit Down Karen”. The passenger sitting after this punch says he will sue the woman.

There are many video footage of the incident that took place on the passenger plane from Tampa to Atlanta. These images shared on social media caught the attention of everyone in a short time. The FBI got involved, too.

FBI Stepped In

The elderly man taking off his mask to eat made her very angry. Threatening the passenger to put on his mask, the woman finally punched him. Other passengers hardly parted this fight. They immediately removed the woman from the scene.

The Unruly Customer Disturbance On Airplane
The Unruly Customer Disturbance On Airplane

After the plane landed, the FBI detained the woman at the airport after the incident. This incident, which took place at the Hartsfield-Jackson International airport, caused reactions on social media. Everyone reacted to the videos that went viral in a short time. Users, who argued that what the woman did was very wrong, supported the old man.

He insulted the man sitting in his chair

The angry woman hurled insults at the man who was sitting in his chair, taking off his mask to eat. When these are not enough, a woman on an airplane punches an old Man. After this punch, the flight crew also got involved. All this footage can be used as court documents.

The woman had her other hand raised in the air when another flight attendant grabbed her arm. Later, with the intervention of the officials, the woman was removed. The aggressive woman met by law enforcement at the airport

The male passenger said that the woman would go to jail for what she did. The woman, on the other hand, ignored this and continued her insults. After his insults, he raised his hand in the air to scare the old man further. All this was caught on camera.