woman eating crocodile

A video has been on the agenda like a bomb in the last few days on social media. A woman shared images of her eating a crocodile on social media. Those who saw it believed that it was not true at first, but the allegations turned out to be true. In the video, the woman hunts crocodiles. Then the woman eats them as if they were a normal meal.

woman eating crocodile

The woman goes on a crocodile hunt at first. The woman who caught the eye of the crocodile fearlessly enters the lake. As he jumps on the crocodile, he catches it and carries it on his shoulder and pulls it out of the water. The video of a woman eating a crocodile had been circulating on the internet before, and after a while, it was on the agenda of social media again. The wild woman catches the crocodile she has had her eye on and boils it alive. The minutes of boiling the crocodile alive are seen in the video.

He’s boiling the crocodile alive as if it’s a very normal thing. The woman catches the crocodile first. Then she breaks her neck on the spot so she won’t miss it. The crocodile continues to move for a while. Regardless of all this, the woman begins to boil the crocodile while it is still alive. The video has now reached millions of views. The woman who even prepares a special sauce for eating the crocodile offers the leftovers to her dogs. He approaches fearlessly as if he were a professional hunter. Therefore, it is clear that he has hunted crocodiles many times before.

He eats the crocodile with great pleasure

After boiling the crocodile for a long time, the woman eats it hungrily. The nationality of the woman is not yet known. Social media users are of the opinion that the woman is a citizen of a Far East country. We have witnessed the interesting food cultures of the Far East before. Moreover, he was not alone. The people in that region were famous for eating crocodiles.

In the area where the woman lived, everyone was eating crocodiles. In fact, eating crocodiles in the region was a very popular event. They go to the lake and catch the small crocodiles they find with their own hands. Instead of large crocodiles, they generally prefer small ones because they can hunt more easily. They catch the crocodile with their bare hands and break its neck, as in the images where the woman eating the crocodile. When the crocodile is unable to respond, they start boiling their meat in a large cauldron filled with water. They leave the rest to the dogs in the region or to wild animals in nature.