who replaced judas Iscariot

Everyone knows Judas’ great betrayal of Jesus. After this betrayal, the Christian world was very confused. Judas had to be replaced immediately by Iscariot. Saint Matthias was the one who replaced Judas Iscariot. Thus, Judas was replaced by someone else. Also, the Christian world excluded Judas from the Christian world for this betrayal.

who replaced judas iscariot

Many people have little heard of the name of St. Matthias. But he himself became one of the 12 apostles. He is the one who succeeded Judas after his rebellion. The number 12 is a symbol. Because there are 12 tribes in total in Israel, the society where Jesus came from. The 12 apostles are also a formation that symbolizes these 12 tribes. Apart from these apostles, there are actually 72 apostles. Saint Matthias is also included in these 72 apostles.

In fact, it is hardly surprising in this respect that the replacement for Judas Iscariot is St. Matthias. Matthias is already among the 72 apostles chosen by Jesus. With this betrayal of Judas, the apostles chose him. Thus Saint Matthias was the saint who replaced Judas Iscariot. After that, Matthias, who was among the 12 apostles, accomplished many important works. He contributed to the spread of Christianity wherever he went. One of the places he went to is Cappadocia. He carried out activities to spread Christianity in the ancient Greek city of Cappadocia. The period in which he showed his existence corresponds to the time when Rome ruled.

The claim that St. Matthias was martyred

The claim that St. Matthias was martyred is also quite high. There are historians who claim that he was martyred while fulfilling his missionary duty. While this is not strictly true, it is among the possibilities. Matthias, who replaced Judas Iscariot, is buried in Jerusalem. According to another claim, the mother of Constantine the Great, St. His tomb was brought to Rome through Helena. There are many people who now think that the tomb of St. Matthias is in Rome. Constantine the Great was one of the great Roman emperors of the time. His mother is St. Helena was one of the important people in Christian history. A popular name, St. Helena might really have done such a thing. But this is a rumor.

Where are Matthias’ relics now?

Many people think that the remains of St. Matthias are in Rome. But there is no conclusive evidence for this. There are also many who say that his remains remain in Jerusalem. There are also those who say that he was somewhere in Cappadocia where he was martyred.