Who is the New First Lady of the USA, Jill Biden?



Jill Biden, wife of the new US president Joe Biden, said she would prioritize education policy in her work at the White House. Jill Biden is no stranger to Washington’s life. Because his wife Joe Biden served 36 years in the US Senate and eight years in the White House as vice president of Barack Obama.

Jill Biden, the first First Lady with a Ph.D. in the USA, is very busy these days. Jill Biden has made it clear that less than a week after her husband’s inauguration, she will give priority to solving the problems faced by teachers in America by organizing a virtual event with education experts.

“We are facing many problems right now, and I know you sacrificed more than anyone else,” said Jill Biden. But the day is the day we educators. Because we know how to turn chaos into beautiful things. “We do this every day in our classes,” he says.

Biden’s career in education is expected to play an important role in her work as First Lady. Betty Boyd Caroli, the author of First Ladies, says, “I expect Jill Biden to be very active in reforming the education system. But not everyone agrees. Many prefer the First Lady to wear nice clothes and remain quiet. I do not agree with this. Because First Lady has a very strong platform, ”he says.

When her husband was vice president of the United States, Jill Biden emerged as the first Second Lady to work in a paid job outside the White House. Biden plans to return to her job as First Lady at Northern Virginia University: “I know how hard it is. This semester, I also teach face-to-face and online. “

In her speech at the university’s diploma ceremony, Jill Biden told the story of a student who ran into her classroom: “My student told me, ‘Doctor Biden, I saw you on TV with Michelle Obama last night. I called my mother and told her that you were my English teacher. My mother replied to me that she is not your teacher, but the Second Lady. “

First Lady’s life with Joe Biden started a little complicated. When they met, Jill Biden was about to get divorced. Joe Biden, on the one hand, mourned the death of his wife and daughter, whom he lost in a traffic accident while raising his two young sons. After receiving five proposals from Joe Biden, she finally became convinced: “When proposing for the fifth time, he said, ‘Jill, my pride is ahead of me. This is my last offer to you. You don’t have to tell me when you’re going to marry me, just tell me if you’re going to marry me. ‘ He finally said ‘yes’. “

Four years after their marriage, Jill gave birth to a daughter. However, the couple was shaken by a new tragedy in 2015. Joe Biden’s son Beau died of brain cancer at the age of 46.

After this incident, Jill Biden included a number of initiatives in the field of fighting cancer among its social responsibility goals. During her husband’s election campaign, Jill Biden wrote a children’s book describing her husband’s early years, his competitive personality, and how his stuttering stood strong despite being mocked.

She and Joe Biden say their home is in the state of Delaware. But Jill Biden lived in Washington for years with her husband, who served 31 years in the US Senate and eight years in the White House. And now he has returned to the White House, where he will live for at least four years.