Who is Beverly Cleary

Award-winning children’s book author Beverly Cleary created clans such as Henry Huggin, The Ramona Pests, and The Rat and Motorcycle.


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Award-winning children’s book author Beverly Cleary created classics such as Henry Huggins, Ramona Pests, and The Mouse and Motorcycle.

Who is Beverly Cleary?

Beverly Cleary started her career as a children’s book writer in the 1950s. Henry Huggins . He soon followed the more realistic and fun tales of growing up. Beezus and Ramona (1955) and Henry and the Paper Route (1957). Her stories about Ramona Quimby, including The Pests of Ramona (1968) and Ramona and Her Mother (1979) were a special favorite for many readers. Cleary’s later works include memoirs, A Girl from Yamhill (1988) and My Own Two Feet (1995) and the children’s novel The World of Ramona (1999).

When was Beverly Cleary born?

Cleary was born on April 12, 1916 in Beverly Atlee Bunn, in McMinnville, Oregon.

What Was the First Book Written by Beverly Cleary?

Cleary’s first published book, Henry Huggins, in 1950


‘Henry Huggins’

While working at Yakima, Cleary inspired some of the young library bosses to be written. “I worked with a lively small group of parochial schoolchildren,” he said. People magazine. “They were non-readers, and it was very difficult to find books for little boys in those days. Sure, there were animal stories, but there wasn’t any book about what these boys called “kids like us”. “Cleary was published in Henry Huggins , the first of his novels exploring the daily lives of children, in 1950. While writing with humor, he describes the difficulties Henry faced while befriending a dog named Ribsy.

“Pest Ramona,” Mouse Series Ralph

In addition to his novels featuring Henry, Cleary branched out to write other characters now located on the famous Klickitat Street. Beezus and Ramona (1955) focused on Henry’s friend Beezus and an interesting handful of sisters Ramona. Young readers couldn’t get enough of Ramona, and Cleary showed that she grew up on a number of novels, including The Pests of Ramona (1968) and Ramona and Her Father (1977). Cleary also … Mouse and Motorcycle (1965) and sequel Runaway Ralph (1970) and Ralph S. Mouse (1982).

‘Dear Mr Henshaw’

In Dear Mr. Henshaw (1984), Cleary provided a child’s post-divorce vision. The main character of the story struggles with her feelings after her parents break up with her letters to her favorite author and her own diary. The book won the 1984 Newbery Medal.

Later, Cleary shared the ups and downs of her life in two memoirs : A Girl from Yamhill (1988) and My Own Two Feet (1995). He also returned to Ramona’s favorite character in the 1999s. World of Ramona . In this novel, Ramona has to deal with being her sister for the first time.

Awards and Honors

During his impressive career, Cleary has won numerous awards for his work. Received the 1975 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award from the American Library Association and the 2003 National Medal of Arts. The Library of Congress named it the “Living Legend” in 2000 for contributions to children’s literature. Cleary even has a public school in Portland called.

Childhood and Education

Born April 12, 1916 in Beverly Atlee Bunn in McMinnville, Oregon, Oregon, Beverly Cleary is one of America’s most beloved children’s book writers. The creative talent behind classic works is Henry Higgins , Ramona Pests, and the Mouse and the Motorcycle . He spent his early years at his family’s farm in Yamhill, Oregon. But after economic hard times, his family caused his father to move to Portland, where he worked as a bank security guard. Cleary struggled a bit with city life, especially school. He managed from the first grade with difficulty.

Later, Cleary was promised as a writer, receiving praise from the school librarian for his work. “When Beverly gets older, she should write children’s books,” Cleary said in her memoirs. A Girl from Yamhill . After high school, he studied at a college before transferring to the University of California at Berkeley. There he met Clarence Cleary, the man who will be his lifelong love.

Cleary earned his bachelor’s degree in English from Berkeley in 1938 and then enrolled in the University of Washington librarianship program. The first librarian job was done in Yakima, Washington. Despite the objections of his parents, he married Clarence in 1940. Later, the couples welcomed the twins, son Malcolm and daughter Marianne.