What is Menstruation, Menstruation definition, Is a blood test given during menstruation?

“The issue of whether blood tests are given during menstruation, such as dyeing hair or doing sports, comes to the fore from time to time. Women who have to give blood tests during menstruation due to various ailments or situations that require need are wondering if blood tests are given while they are menstruating. Is a blood test given during menstruation? Here are the curious ones…”

Women who want to donate blood or have a blood test while they are menstruating often consult to research whether a blood test is given during menstruation in such cases. So what is the truth of the matter, is a blood test given during menstruation (menstrual), and in what situations? Details are here…

Is a blood test given during It?

The blood status of women who have a condition such as giving a blood test before menstruation is taken into consideration first. If the hemoglobin values ​​are considered suitable for blood donation, there is no harm in giving a blood test. However, the situation may be slightly different in blood donation. Although it is not significant in the blood test, it can be dangerous for the health of the person since blood loss may occur in blood donation.

Therefore, if the person’s health status is not suitable for giving blood tests or donating blood during menstruation, the conditions should be evaluated accordingly. In this case, if it is not urgent, the end of the menstrual period can be expected for blood analysis.

What is Menstruation, Menstruation definition

In this special period of women, a healthy result may not be obtained from most analyzes that should be checked for hormonal values. However, if the sugar level in the blood is checked, there is no difference in the results.

In addition, the reason for the blood test is very important here. For example, most gynecologists wait specifically for the menstrual period to detect various feminine ailments such as menstrual irregularity. Because performing the tests on the 3rd and 4th days of menstruation provides more accurate and clear results. Hormone tests, especially used in menstrual irregularities, can be done with the help of a tube or two of blood to be taken from the woman after the 3rd day of it.