What is Atarax? What Does Atarax Do? What are the Side Effects?

What is Atarax? What Does Atarax Do? The side effects? People with mood disorders who go to psychiatry clinics with complaints such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are prescribed the first drug. This drug, which is prescribed for mood disorders, which has been increasing in the world recently, brings a few questions to mind. What is it used for? Such questions are some of them. In this content, we deal with the drug completely and tell the people who are curious about atarax.

What is Atarax?

This drug, called Atarax, accordingly is accepted as a treatment that relieves mental distress, restlessness and anxiety. Even if you do not have chronic depression, Atarax can be recommended to relieve the tension of the day. Of course, drugs that are not used under the supervision of a doctor can seriously impair your health. You should pay attention to this. Although this drug, which is generally prescribed to non-adults, has side effects, it has been encountered in very few people who use it.

Those who use Atarax express the effect of atarax as stupor and calmness. When we look at the purpose of the drug, we can say that it treats depression and tension. We have mentioned the effects and side effects of drugs such as Cipralex and Rexapin, which are prescribed for the same mood disorders, in our previous articles.

To summarize our question; It is a drug that is good for mental problems such as depression, anxiety and tension and has very low side effects. (We say again not to use it without consulting your doctor)

What Does Atarax Do?

Atarax; accordingly It is presented as white, oblong, scored film-coated tablets. Each tablet contains 30 pills. It is used to treat mental distress, restlessness, anxiety, and, interestingly, itching. It is also used in the pre-treatment phase before surgical procedures. Thanks to its calming and soothing properties, it creates a feeling of relaxation in the person using the drug. In this way, the person can continue his life by feeling more peaceful.

What Are the Side Effects?

As with any drug, Atarax has side effects. Although these side effects are very rare, they can also be seen in serious degrees. In such a case, emergency medical teams and the doctor must be notified. Therefore we will list the possible side effects of Atarax below. When you have a health problem according to these side effects, apply the method we recommend!

What Are the Side Effects of Atarax? ;

  • Hypersensitivity and responsiveness
  • Liver function abnormalities
  • have tremors
  • Involuntary muscle twitches and contractions
  • difficulty moving
  • disorientation
  • Having hallucinations (very rare)
  • Inability to urinate and swelling in the bladder
  • Narrowing of the bronchi (temporary)
  • Swelling of hands, feet, lips, face

The above side effects are serious side effects. Thus It must be reported to the emergency medical teams.