New Shootout: What Does OK Boomer Mean?

What does boomer mean? Many people are wondering about the meaning of the word “Boomer”, which we come across on Twitch and other social media platforms recently. What do the phrases “Boomer” and “OK Boomer” mean?

It is one of the popular words of the last period.

The meaning and purpose of the word, which is frequently used by the Z generation on social media platforms, is also a matter of curiosity.

This expression is for the first time in an old man’s video; It came about when the Y and Z generations said that they had Peter Pan syndrome, that they did not want to grow up at all, and that they thought that the utopian ideals they had in their youth would somehow evolve into adulthood.

So what does it mean, what does it mean? Here is the answer…


It is the demographic cohort that follows the ‘silent generation’ and previous Generation X, also known as ‘baby boomers’. This generation is often defined as the generation born from 1946 to 1964 during the post-World War II baby boom.

It is a word used by the Z generation, the 2000 generation, for people who are closed to new ideas. It has been a favorite expression of the young to criticize the old for their ideals and new sensibilities. entered the colloquial language as “OK boomer”.

OK, Boomer appears digitally for the first time in 2019. When we translate the word OK Boomer, which is a slogan and internet phrase used to reject or ridicule the stereotypical attitudes of the generation, into English, “Okay, you’re a right daddy.” means like.

It is the expression ‘to stay french on the subject’ which society uses more in community. Today’s youth use it as a ‘staying boomer’. The new generation uses this phrase as a mockery for other developments and agendas.

Some common features of the Baby Boomer generation are as follows:

  • They are strict and hardworking.
  • Since they grew up in a period where technology was developing slowly, many of them could not keep up with technology today.
  • Their digital literacy is almost non-existent.