Vaccine passport: approval from New York, banned from Florida!

The USA is one of the countries with the most cases in the coronavirus epidemic. Interesting news came from the USA these days. The vaccine passport controversy continues in the USA. The vaccination passport will be in New York for the first time. However, the application of vaccine passports will be prohibited in Florida.

The USA is one of the countries with the highest number of cases in the new type of corona epidemic. Accordingly, New York announced that it has started the ‘vaccination passport’ application. While New York was the first city to start the vaccination passport application, an opposite statement came from Florida.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said that people who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus oppose the request for documents.


The Republican governor had previously announced his intention to make a decision banning the so-called “vaccine passports”. With the decision, any government agency in Florida is also prohibited from requesting a vaccine certificate.

DeSantis stated that “Vaccine passports will reduce individual freedom and damage patient privacy”.

This prevented Florida state businesses from requesting vaccination certificates when entering a business or receiving any services from customers.


With the first “coronavirus vaccine passport” application in the country by the authorities, all vaccines and test results of those living in New York will be registered.

Anyone can easily download the application. The application works with a QR code. Thus, people who have completed their vaccinations and have negative tests will be able to participate in activities such as sports, arts, entertainment, concerts, theater, and cinema.

Vaccine Passport Controversy Continues

The debate over the vaccine passport continues. Citizens are on two different sides in this regard. While some defend the vaccine passport, others state that they are against. According to these, it seems that the vaccine discussions will continue in the coming days.

Vaccine passport controversy has also been trending on Twitter. How will this law implemented by the USA find a response in the world? Other countries of the world are investigating this issue as the USA does. This issue seems to be on the agenda more in the coming days.

There are those who say the vaccine passport is against people’s rights and freedoms. However, there are also those who argue that this passport will reduce the rate of spread of the virus. It supports the definitive vaccination passport, which wants the virus to be reduced just now.

Those who do not support this practice argue that separating people like this is wrong. One of the first countries to enter the US vaccine passport. Discussions about this practice in the country are likely to grow.