USA recognized hippos as humans

A court in the USA has made a shocking event. The court accepted Pablo Escobar’s illegally imported hippos as humans. According to the court’s decision, hippos passed as “legal entities with legal rights.” The USA recognized hippos as humans, this event has not happened before in US history. The number of hippos has nearly tripled in 8 years. The USA has made a very important decision about the hippos that pose an ecological hazard. All eyes are on the Colombian government right now.

USA recognized hippos as humans

USA recognized hippos as humans broke new ground in America. The news dates back to Pablo Escobar, the most popular drug lord of the time. The drug lord had once illegally imported four hippos to his farm. After Pablo Escobar’s death in 1993, hippos remained in the middle. The hippos then multiplied uncontrollably. So they created many problems. In order to control the hippopotamuses, the court signed an incredible event.

Hippos live uncontrollably for a period of time. The hippos that lived on the property without human intervention also began to multiply as a result. The number of hippos migrating from the property to the Magdalena river has more than doubled. Due to Magdalena’s ecological importance, this posed a major threat. The number of hippos currently living in that area has increased to 80. Until 8 years ago, the number of these hippos was 35. At the moment, the government still has not come up with a solution to curb this biohazard. Allegedly, the Colombian government can kill hippos.

They offered to kill the Hippos as a solution.

The Colombian government also doesn’t know what to do about it. Colombian scientists say these hippos pose a major threat. This threat affects biodiversity. Some experts stated that the only solution is to kill these animals. After all these events, the US court accepted the Hippopotamus as a legal entity. The US ALDF sued the Colombian government for plotting to kill hippos. An environmental agency started giving birth control pills to some of the animals.

The Ohio Southern Böleg court broke new ground and recognized hippos as legal entities. Thus, the USA court recognized hippos as humans. ALDF is still working to give animals personality status. The Colombian government has not yet recognized the decision. Everything could change depending on whether the Colombian government recognizes the decision or not. Giving legal personality to hippos can also pave the way for many animal rights. Animal rights associations are excited about this.