Last minute. US President Trump’s dismissal is being discussed. The world is talking about images from Washington!

US President Trump's dismissal

Breaking news … Historic day in the USA! The House of Representatives session to discuss President Donald Trump’s dismissal has started. For the first time in the history of the country, the process of impeaching a president is started for the second time. While there are concerns about Trump supporters making an incident in the capital Washington DC, recent photos from the city have revealed the scale of the measures. International agencies served photos of soldiers from the National Guard who were assigned to provide security in the area. The squares reflecting the troops lying on the ground in the Congress building made a big noise.

USA President in Donald trump It has been reported that the session of the House of Representatives, in which the dismissal of Turkey will be discussed, has started. Extensive security measures were taken in the capital city of Washington DC. Approximately 15 thousand soldiers were deployed in the area to ensure security in and around the congress building.

Ryan McCarthy, a Defense Department official, said the National Guard troops would be in charge of security around the Capitol. 


McCarthy stated that the soldiers to be deployed around the Congress building will carry heavy weapons and take serious precautions. This decision was taken as part of an exchange of ideas with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

Pentagon officials said Trump supporters were deeply concerned about the alleged protests. Authorities reported that they received intelligence that about 16 groups, most of them Trump supporters, would take action to organize protests in Washington, some of whom said they would be armed.


After the supporters of President Trump raided Congress on January 6, the water does not stop in the country. Democrats and some Republican Congress members stated that Trump should be dismissed, and started the legal process. 

Republican President Donald Trump, who lost the election held on 3 November, will hand over his seat to Democrat candidate elected President Joe Biden at the handover ceremony on January 20.

However, those who thought that the events were caused by Trump’s provocation were saying that the President should leave the seat to his deputy Mike Pence before January 20.

Democrat, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi is among these names. The New York Times wrote that Mitch McConnell, Group President in the Republicans’ House of Representatives, was also in favor of Trump’s dismissal.

Three senior Republican members of the House of Representatives; Liz Cheney, John Katko and Adam Kinzinger have also announced that they will support the impeachment process.


However, Mike Pence declared that he will not take steps to dismiss Trump, based on additional Article 25 of the Constitution. Pence argued that it was not in US interests to enact Article 25, which delegates power to his deputy if the President is not in a position to hold his office.

When Vice President Pence refused to dismiss Trump, Democrats started the process of dismissing Trump. If there is a decision in the House of Representatives to dismiss Trump today, the US Senate must also vote on this decision. 


On January 20, the US Senate will change with the President. If the current Senate fails to vote on a possible dismissal before the change of President by this date, the new Senate will take office.

In the new Senate, the majority will be Democrats, with the participation of new Vice President Kamala Harris. This Senate arithmetic will pave the way for Trump’s dismissal, even after leaving office.

Senate Majority Leader Republican Mitch McConnell, in a telephone conversation with Senate Minority Leader Democrat Chuck Schumer, stated that the Senate will meet again on January 19, as planned, and that they will not set this date earlier.

With this step of McConnell, it became clear that the impeachment case against Trump will continue after the elected President of the country, Joe Biden, took office on January 20.


It is not yet clear when the Senate will hold the vote, which constitutes the main jurisdiction of the impeachment process and will decide whether Trump is guilty or not.

Some senators want the Senate session to be held at a later date so that the first days of Joe Biden, who will take office on January 20, are not marred by the impeachment trial.

For the Senate to convict Trump, at least 2 out of 100 senators must vote in that direction.

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