Flash coronavirus decision from England: The antibody cocktail that saved Trump’s life was approved!

Trump antibody cocktail. Former US President Donald Trump has been the target of great criticism for his attitudes and decisions regarding the coronavirus epidemic, and when he was infected with the virus, he defeated the disease thanks to an antibody cocktail used for him for the first time in the world. England, by making a flash decision for this miraculous Covid-19 treatment, fell like a bomb on the agenda.

England‘s National Health System (NHS) made a flash statement about the new covid-19 treatment, which will be used from next week.

From next week, hospitals in the UK will start using an Antibody cocktail called Ronapreve for people who are in the highest risk group, have problems with their immune system, and are vulnerable to the virus even if they have survived the disease or are vaccinated.

When former US President Donald Trump announced that he had contracted the coronavirus, it became the number one agenda item in the world. The Covid-19 treatment of Trump, who was hospitalized after the news but was discharged in a short time, was one of the most curious subjects.

The antibody cocktail that saved Trump’s life was approved!

According to the experts, the treatment applied to Trump was unprecedented in the world. This miracle cure will now be used in UK hospitals as well.

British Health Minister Sajid Javid, who made a statement last month about the drug described as ‘life-saving’, said that it was the first treatment approved in the UK and developed specifically for Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health and Social Care announced yesterday that this is a treatment that will benefit thousands of patients while stating that the treatment will be used in the first place for people who form antibodies against the virus and do not give an immune response.

The drug will be used in the treatment of patients over the age of 50 who do not have antibodies and in those who have immune problems between the ages of 12-49. In the statement made by the government, it was announced that a sufficient amount of the drug was purchased and it was sent to appropriate hospitals across the country and its use will begin next week.

What is this cocktail?

Ronapreve, produced by Roche and Regeneron, is a cocktail of antibodies. The drug, which was tested before the widespread use of vaccines and the emergence of variants, contains two separate monoclonal antibodies. The drug, which is the first of its kind, is also the first drug to be approved to be used in the treatment of acute infections caused by COVID-19.

Monoclonal antibodies are known as antibodies produced by humans and benefit our immune system by acting as a natural human antibodies.

Donald Trump, who has health problems such as overweight, diabetes, and blood pressure, and is in the risk group for coronavirus, treatment with a cocktail containing these antibodies showed a miraculous effect, and Trump was easily discharged from the hospital. In this way, the widespread use of the treatment, which is known around the world, is expected to save many lives and break new ground in the treatment of Covid-19.