Tom Hanks hair transplant

Lately, everyone has been talking about Tom Hanks and his hair transplant. It is also among the topics that everyone is most curious about on social media. Did the famous actor have a hair transplant operation? Or is the Hollywood star‘s hair natural? Tom Hanks has a hairstyle that hasn’t changed for years. Now this hairstyle has become synonymous with itself. The fact that it has not shed for many years, of course, makes its fans wonder.

Tom Hanks hair transplant

Tom Hanks has won a total of two Oscars throughout his acting career. This is actually a great achievement when you think about it. Because many Hollywood stars have only been nominated for an Oscar. When Tom Hanks is so prominent, everyone starts talking about him. Recently, Tom Hanks had a hair transplant. After this procedure, Tom Hanks’ hair regained its former state. Tom Hanks has long had male-pattern hair loss. This was evident when he was in front of the cameras. The famous actress could not stop this shedding that she later had a hair transplant operation.

The hair transplanted by the Oscar-winning star made her look old. The old style of Tom Hanks, which we have known for years, has also returned with the hair transplant procedure. The famous actress had neither too much hair nor too little. Whatever his old style is, he looks like he had a hair transplant operation. Tom Hanks’ facial structure is quite broad. Because of this facial structure, his forehead is very wide. When the forehead is wide, a worse appearance emerges with the hair shedding. It looks like the famous actor had this procedure done out of necessity. The fact that his forehead was so open must have bothered him too.

Is hair transplant operation harmful?

There are certain risks in hair transplant surgery, as in any surgery. Before applying for this operation, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor. But contrary to what many people think, it is not such a scary procedure. But you need to protect your transplanted hair very well. When you look at Tom Hanks’ hair, you can see that he had a very successful hair transplant. Unfortunately, every transplanted hair may not be able to settle in the root of the hair. Many reasons for such situations can be due to the patient. You should definitely not rub the transplanted hair and you should stay away from stress.

Hair transplantation can take a long time. It mostly depends on how bald you are and how much hair you want to have a transplant. Since we are talking about the transplantation of thousands of hair strands, this process may take a long time. During this process, you will be sober. Doctors only apply anesthesia to the skin of your scalp. So you can be consciously treated without feeling any pain.